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Rare Books

Last week I decided to google myself just for the heck of it. Low and behold, there I was on Amazon, with what they say is a page of my own. Clicking on that, I found that there were 7 … Continue reading

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The burden of tale-telling is to think that by avoiding our responsibility to be part of living history we will stay forever young.  By not telling those who follow us the stories of what it took to get here, we … Continue reading

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Healing Through Story

The Knox School on Long Island where I spent my junior year in highschool. My parents sent me there to break up my relationship with a boy. Making story of our family history doesn’t mean we change the realities of … Continue reading

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My First Brother

I recently found a box of old photos that I had packed away in hopes that it would someday serve as just the thing to get me started recording some of the family stories just beginning to surface from the … Continue reading

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What We Need

To grow what we need requires a sanctuary of time and attention, a patch of ground secured by some clear, recognizable boundary that can shield us from the endless demands, choices, and responsibilities eroding our day, so we can listen, … Continue reading

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I felt it coming on since the weekend … agitation, sadness, a tightening in the solar plexus.  I couldn’t figure out why, so I just let it be.  Everything was fine.  This too shall pass, I told myself.  But in … Continue reading

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Winter’s Healing

Being nestled in the fullness of winter here in Virginia, memory flashes of past winters have been filling my head.  Hence, my last post with the poem, Caledonia Winter.  But my rememberings haven’t stop there.  Bringing my home in Vermont … Continue reading

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Caledonia Winter

For ten years I lived in the tiny village of Danville, in Caledonia County, located in what is known as the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  It’s some 35 miles from the Canadian border and perhaps 15 miles to the New … Continue reading

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Slowly ….

My daughter, Lisa, has gotten me in the habit of choosing an inspiring word each New Year, instead of making resolutions, which I never seem to be able to keep.  One word is easily remembered and can have a multitude … Continue reading

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