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Melt Down

In the process of preparing a stew to throw in the crock pot, get the laundry in and simply neaten up the place after days of stagnation and being sick, I suddenly realized that I have today, tomorrow and Thursday … Continue reading

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My Week On Retreat

What was it that I said last Monday?  Something about a retreat?  Well, in some ways it has been like that and in other ways it hasn’t. It’s been a busy few days, that’s for sure.  There hasn’t been any … Continue reading

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One Day At A Time

Today is the beginning of my weeklong retreat right here in my house.  Bill ships out in the morning for one of his “New York Theatre Binges.”  He is a theatre man, through and through.  He acts, he directs, he … Continue reading

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Making A Mess

Make a mess. Take a step. Fall down. Throw it away and start over. Be wrong and celebrate the dropped balls. What could be more miserable than to be human (the greatest storytelling creature in the history of the planet … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

I’m tired.  The period between Thanksgiving and January 1st, always leaves me out of breath and exhausted.  There is too much to do. Time to write, paint or stare into space is diminished.  Instead I get pulled into the rush, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve Today we stripped the pine It rests in the woods a place for wrens to sleep Glass ornaments tucked in tissue are boxed on storeroom shelves Family faces recede in train windows one leap second passes without sound … Continue reading

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