I’m Home Again!

This last week was one of the most awesome getaways I’ve ever had.  My dear friend Sharon and I spent the week at her oceanfront condo on Hutchinson Island in Florida.   It was heavenly.

We walked the beach daily collecting treasure … rocks, shells and whatever else of interest that washed up on the shore.  We watched pelicans, sanderlings, gulls and my favorite of all, magnificent Frigate Birds soaring above us.  On our first morning there, Portuguese Men-of-War, from tiny babies to adults,  carpeted the beach in their airy blue and pink regalia, threatening walkers with their toxic tendrills spread about them.  They disappeared the next day, and we only spotted one or two through the ensuing days.

My collection of hearts!!

There were no rules and regulations, except for the one below.  Being in Florida where Boomers and us older folks gather in winter, you’ve got to be careful. Little people are not the only ones who wear diapers :)!!

No Diapers!

We awoke when we felt like it and stayed up one night until one in the morning talking and puzzling over the state of the world. We ate when we were hungry enjoying fresh watermelon and berries, yummy salads … chicken, couscous with olives and feta, green leafy ones with artichoke hearts, avocado, and crunchy broccoli slaw.

Most of all we played and got to know each other better.  I found myself being more honest and open than I can ever remember.  Sharon can listen and catch things long before I can figure out what I’ve said. So it was also a huge learning time.

On Sunday, my last day, we went to a birthday party for two sets of twins who had just turned one.  Members of Sharon’s extended family, they were born to two loving women who live together and decided to have a family.  They both got pregnant and both bore twins, all born on the same day.  There are three boys and one girl, all beautiful, and being cared for by two of the best mommies in the world with help from grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Both moms teach school. They are better women than I could ever be.  Two kids, three years apart were all I could handle, never mind being with other people’s kids all day long.

It was a delightful party. Sharon’s family members were welcoming and loving.  A family group of individuals like that one might not necessarily agree with each other on a lot of issues, but they get along and do love each other. My own relatives, scattered across the country have never been close. We rarely see or talk with each other unless someone dies.  Being with Sharon’s down-to-earth, soulful people was an experience I’ve rarely encountered.  I’m just a mite envious of her.

I am happy to be home. It’s cold but there are many sweet memories from this past week that will warm me through the rest of Virginia’s winter days.

Hug a friend and celebrate who they are!!

I walked on Sharon's Beach every day!

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14 Responses to I’m Home Again!

  1. patti stark says:

    so happy to have joined you!

  2. I loved reading about your visit with Sharon this morning and seeing the photos (especially the heart collection). I am so glad you’re blogging regularly. I want you follow your good example, though I suspect today is so full I may not get around to posting until tomorrow, but I can hope and miracles do happen.
    Hugs and blessings,

    • jzrart says:

      Thanks Virginia. Just keep at it and you’ll do it! I’m learning that I can’t take on too many things and still expect to write. it is a priority for me.

  3. Hmmm … That was strange. I entered my email address and it automatically filled the other details with my name and a Gravatar link. When I tried to change the link to Giraffe Journal’s URL the comment posted itself and is ‘being moderated’ … and the link seems to go nowhere. I don’t think I’ve encountered that anywhere before so I thought I’d let you know … just because … and to see if I could fix the link because trial & error is my natural way of being in the world.
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. jzrart says:

    Everything is working fine here? Can’t imagine what that was all about.

  5. Brenda Neil says:

    Sounds wonderful and glad you were able to enter into Sharon’s family and experience their energy and connectedness. Welcome home!


    • jzrart says:

      Thanks Brenda! It was such a great time. Wish everyone, especially in Northern climes could do something like this. It pumps the soul full of sunshine during the darkness of winter.

  6. Becca says:

    This reminds me of some of the wonderful times I’ve had with my friend at our Florida home. It’s good to get away from everything, especially in the winter, and just have some time with a good friend 🙂

  7. jzrart says:

    I agree. Leaving everything behind and spending time with someone you don’t see very often is so refreshing.

  8. patricia says:

    what fun to read and to be with your adventure, thanks.

  9. Susan says:

    What a delicious time. I’m so glad you enjoyed each other so much!

  10. jzrart says:

    Thanks Susa, it was great!

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