Trusting Love


“I was lying in bed one day, thinking about my death, wondering if I’d be conscious enough to talk to my children, what I’d like to leave to them; famous last words as it were.

The key word is trust.  Trust everything that happens in life, even those experiences that cause pain will serve to better you in the end.  It’s easy to lose the inner vision, the greater truths, in the face of tragedy.  There really in no such thing as suffering for the sake of suffering.  Along with developing a basic trust in the rhyme and reason of life itself, I advise you to trust your intuition.  It is a far better guide in the long run than your intellect.

Next on my list is to learn what love is.  It is complete and utter surrender.  That’s a big word, surrender.  It doesn’t mean letting people walk all over you, take advantage of you. It’s when we surrender control, let go of our egos, that all the love in the world is there waiting for us.  Love in not a game, it’s a state of being.”

Henry Miller
from Reflections, edited by Twinka Thiebault

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