Winter Garden

DSC01565“Go into the garden and try to learn the world that surrounds you.  Look at how you’ve placed a stone.  Now the trees and shrubs are bare you can more easily see how they harmonize with the garden.  Imagine.  Let the images in your mind be companions to your practice.  Don’t think of the coming year and what it will bring, rather settle into the now of this season.  Rest, reflect, prepare.  Listen.  There is a story the earth has to tell you.”

Patrick Lane,  What the Stones Remember

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4 Responses to Winter Garden

  1. warmginger says:

    I like that. ‘Settle into the now of this season.’

    • jzrart says:

      Thanks, Warm Ginger. Do you have any kinds of seasons where you are? I would guess not, but one never knows.

      • warmginger says:

        It’s either hot and sandy, warm and sandy or cold and sandy. At the moment it’s only about 19C so we are feeling the chill – isn’t that ridiculous? I was wearing a fleece, an overjacket and a woolly hat to keep warm today. I get energised by the heat, so I’m happiest at about 32C. I guess that I’m living in the right place, although I haven’t been here in August when it can hit 50C.

  2. jzrart says:

    That’s amazing. I would have thought it would be the same all of the time …. hot and sandy. I wouldn’t want to be there in August.

    We’re about to have our first snow of the winter here tomorrow. None of the weather people agree about when it will start and how much we will get. Some say very little, others suggest a lot. So we just wait and see.

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