Good News!

IMG_0006Good news! My new website is getting closer to being finished and my memoir progresses.  Once my website is up, you’ll find out the title of my book and get to read Chapter One. Hopefully you’ll get a hint of what I’ve been up to and perhaps you’ll give me a push now and then, because you just can’t wait to read the rest.

I still struggle with time management, but I’ve come up with a new idea for my Sacred Writing Time, and so far it’s working perfectly.  Sunday through Thursday I’m out of bed by 6:30 AM. I walk the dogs, have breakfast and get some exercise … either more outdoor walking time or on my cross trainer.  Hopefully I’m done with that by 9 AM. Then I write until noon. There is no messing around on the Internet with twitter, Facebook, or email during that time.

I’m always trying to find new ways of staying on target because sooner or later something happens and I let it all go.  I’m hoping that this time it will last longer and keep me going until it’s done.

Should you insist on coming to visit on those mornings, you’ll most likely come upon a sweaty, smelly me, not really wanting to see you until after I’ve taken my shower and brushed my teeth properly … sometime after lunch.  Of course there will be exceptions … emergency visits to doctors or veterinarians or maybe a visitation with someone I adore and haven’t seen in a gazillion years.  All else gets put off until the afternoon and early evening hours.

Part of me wants to rebel; afraid it might miss something. It isn’t easy to keep my inner brat from trying to make trouble, but I’m serious about getting my book written and published. I feel great when I’m writing, and at the end of the day, my level of satisfaction for my work and myself goes way up on the charts if I stay on track. I feel as though I’ve accomplished something and I can relax, do something wild and crazy.

When I recently took ten days off from posting on my blog, I got an amazing amount of stuff done. I even found myself not checking email, Facebook, or Twitter as often as I had been.  I took time to take better care of myself and spent a bit more time preparing good, healthy food, and to read books that don’t necessarily have anything to do with writing, self-publishing or book promotion.

So as a way to give myself a bit more lee-way, starting next week, I’ll only be posting on my blog once a week, on Wednesdays.  That way I won’t get overwhelmed with all I have to do, and you, my readers, won’t get bored reading something that I wasn’t really into, just to keep you entertained.

What are you doing to keep yourself motivated and on target as you work on your creative projects?  Do you ever deny yourself time to keep going because you don’t feel like doing the work?  Do you have a stack of unfinished projects waiting for you to get back to them?

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8 Responses to Good News!

  1. patti says:

    gardening gardening gardening – for myself and others – veggies go in here tomorrow – look so forward to your new website and all that goes with it! spring is wonderful! kyaking next week in the lake –

  2. jzrart says:

    Sounds like you’re living the good life. The kyaking sounds wonderful!

  3. sharon says:

    I love that you are so on track and I miss our calls. Let’s shoot for sometime after I get back from California – May 22. It is such a long time but then there will be so much more to share. Keep writing. Amy told me the other day that I don’t need to write a memoir because it seems obvious that I don’t want to. Besides, she said that since I said that you and I are twins of different mothers, your story would be mine as well. I am guessing that your story will resonate with so many women our age. Your writing is wonderful and your abilities amaze me, so stay on task my friend.
    Love you much.

    • jzrart says:

      Thanks so much for your sweet words. I miss our chats, too, and hopefully after your trip we’ll reconnect on the phone. I hope you have a spectacular trip and will be thinking of you.

      Staying on track is a wobbley business, but so far so good. I’m finding that when dealing with some of the more difficult stories I need to take well planned breaks.

      Love you much, too!


  4. warmginger says:

    I have not read one boring post from you. Your posts always give me a lift and I’m always glad I sneaked into WordPress if one of your posts is in the Reader. And I smiled so much at the description of the sweaty, grotty you at your desk. It could be me some days!

    One thing I’ve just started using is Creawriter – it’s a simple, distraction-free writing download. Picture of a sunset, crackling fire soundtrack and that’s it. I just write and write on it – something about it gets me in the zone (Simply Rain does the same for my husband). No ongoing editing (another fault I need to watch out for), other than what comes spontaneously – spot the fan of Ayn Rand’s methodology!
    Do you use any particular program for your manuscript?

    • jzrart says:

      I’m so glad you don’t find me boring! Your kind words keep me going. If I can make someone’s day a little lighter, I’m doing my job.

      I haven’t been using any program at all, just silence and the magnifent bird songs in the morning. I’ll check out Creawriter and also Simply Rain. Sounds like good things.

  5. shirleyhs says:

    Joan, I love the focus and determination in your voice, and I know you will follow through with this ritual/schedule. If you fall off the wagon, enjoy the path, and then climb up again.

    Many blessings as you write. You obviously have many fans waiting for both book and blog. We understand if you slow down in posts as you intensify your manuscript writing. I’m in line for your book!

  6. jzrart says:

    Thanks so much, Shirley. Your support and faith in me is so appreciated. You are an inspiration and a guiding light through this process. I’m in line for your book, too! It is such an exciting time for both of us!!

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