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On Forgiveness

This is what I do know:  until you forgive someone as close as a mother, you are at war with yourself, you continue to gnaw that leg of yours caught in a trap.  Why are you at war with yourself? … Continue reading

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I Can Hear You Now

It’s hot! I stick my head in the frig to gather ingredients … half an onion,  freshly gathered carrots, crisp red lettuce, cukes and one perfect avocado that I plan on tossing into a big salad for a cool and … Continue reading

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About the Bus

    When the history books are written in the future somebody will have to say there lived a race of people, a black people, fleecy locks and black complexion, a people who had moral courage to stand up for … Continue reading

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Spring Fever

Spring seems to be upon us here in Virginia.  Daffodils, Winter Jasmine and Witch Hazel are splashing the still brown land with yellow.  Next month forsythia will follow. I wrote the following poem remembering what spring, particularly March, was like … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day!

  May You Love and Be Loved On This Special Day and Always!

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Leaving A Mark

If you look at the photo of this very old Beech tree, you’ll see that there are messages carved into its bark.  We seem to need to leave a mark, proving that we were here, alive in this world.  “These … Continue reading

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Slowly ….

My daughter, Lisa, has gotten me in the habit of choosing an inspiring word each New Year, instead of making resolutions, which I never seem to be able to keep.  One word is easily remembered and can have a multitude … Continue reading

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We’re having a snowy day.  All of the area schools are closed and the roads are said to be icy, making driving hazardous.  But this is not Minnesota and we’re only supposed to get 3 to 4 inches.  Just enough … Continue reading

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